Thursday, April 30, 2009

Greatest Joy in Life

I really, really, really love to curse. I would become a sailor just to have cussing as part of my job duties. I've never seen anything wrong with most of the bad words out there. I love vocabulary and they are just more colorful, effective words to add to your lexicon. The first time I swore, I was five and uttered "shit" while watching Sesame Street. (Probably identifying early on with Oscar the Grouch, because you know he enjoys a good expletive) I did get my first taste of the Ivory and it sort of deterred me from swearing for awhile. I figured out that it was an adult thing to do like driving or drinking. When I hit my teens, it was time to hit that crass rite of passage.

I know there are times it isn't called for like work or religious services or around your kids. My issue would be mostly around my kids. I guess the worst crime you can commit when you have kids is to say fuck around them. You will most certainly lose your Gymboree Mom membership and be shunned for life! Growing up, all the adults cursed around kids (smoked as well) and I think we grew up mostly OK. Suburban parents these days are very concerned with making the world sterile and Splenda-rific. You know, sweet, but in an artificial no calorie way. Obviously salty language has no part in that world.

I do try to watch my language, but only a small part of me feels guilty when I don't. I adore bad words, maybe, sometimes crave them. They can make you laugh. They can express your anger. They can create a bond among like minded strangers. They just won't make you Mom of the Year. I guess that's alright with me, I wouldn't be able to continue my Gymboree Mom Don't list and that would be a serious travesty.


Anonymous said...

I love to CUSS! And I agree that the f-bomb will probably get you dirty looks from the other goody-goody parents. My son flipped off my daughter and I of course disciplined him but laughed like hell after wards.

Jessica said...

SonyaAnn, I don't know if you do Facebook at all, but there is group that's call "Moms who drink and Swear" it's great for a laugh and to find other moms that say the f word once in awhile.

Anonymous said...

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