Monday, April 27, 2009

The Original Freegans

Long before it was popular, I was a dumpster diver with my sister. We were mainly on a mission for junk food and found it aplenty behind the Food Lion. We were never allowed much growing up, so when we found some we hoarded it. I am still a sugar addict to this day so I've resolved not to be anal about with my own kids. A moldy blueberry pie hidden under your bed at 12 can lead to regular 5 lb Twizzler binge in college!

The Food Lion dumpster was like a filthy Wonka factory. We were able to scavenge all sorts of goodies there like cases of Sweet Tarts, Moon Pies, and generic Oreos. There were other people there, but they wanted meat and produce and were happy enough to leave the junk for the weirdo kids that constantly patrolled the area. Once we got the goods, we'd have to find bushes to hide them in and would always be going out for "walks" to go and snack.

There was also a pizza shop and Chinese restaurant that often threw out perfectly good food. I never thought about how utterly disgusting it was to eat in a sticky back alley while the sea gulls watched. I did make friends with a one legged seagull and would give bits of food to him.

Freegans seem to be looking for healthy, organic foods. They like finding kale and quinoa and free range chicken. They like saving the earth and being frugal. The like being part of a trend. I don't know. It's not as cool as sharing chicken chow mein and a Moonpie with a handicapped seagull squatting on a giant vat of used oil.

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Suzy said...

I would have been a freegan diving for sugar if there had been a grocery store close to us. I'm a major sugarholic.