Saturday, April 25, 2009

What Does Your Favorite Candyland Character Say About You?

I'm sure you've always wondered as deeply as I have about the characters of Candyland. It was a beloved game of mine as a kid and it's one of the few that I don't mind playing with my own children. Sometimes you have to wait awhile for a young child to take their turn, so it gives you ample time to decide the personality traits of the characters. I love personality quizzes so I've made one without the annoying questions, just fast forward to the answers!

Queen Frostine: You are haughty and aloof, but very attractive and that's all that really matters. You married for money and have no regrets.

King Kandy: You are an ineffective, but benevolent ruler. Most likely henpecked by your trophy wife.

Mr. Mint: You are socially awkward. You generally are helpful and friendly and can make people laugh unintentionally.

Gloppy: You have a happy disposition, but are prone to gluttony and lethargy.

Jolly: You are jolly like your name, but can get obsessive and distracted easily.

Princess Lolly: You are sweet and sassy, but hate maternal authority, specifically your stepmother Queen Frostine.

Lord Licorice: You are sardonic, dandified, and a wee bit evil. Physically alluring to both men and women. You may not be a pimp, but you have the potential to be.

Plumpy (although I prefer Plumby): You are sort of miserable and hate people. Very observant and industrious.

Grandma Nutt: You are warm hearted and eccentric. You are happy being a caretaker and never have an unkind word to say.

I hope this post has proved enlightening. I'd like to thank my son for his contributions to this post and give a shout out to Plumby, my personal favorite since '85.

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