Saturday, May 9, 2009

When Animals Attack: A Passel of Hogs

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I figured this would be an apt animal attack account considering the notoriety swine has gained lately.

I always thought I shared an affinity to pigs. My great grandfather had a massive one that I considered my own personal mini horse. Her name was Daisy and I used to ride her until she unfortunately broke her leg and was subsequently butchered by my grandfather and eaten by me.

I guess my bond was with domestic pigs only because feral ones had no use for me. I spent a month in India during my summer holidays in college and it was there I encountered some enraged ones. This will probably not be my only animal attack story that takes place in India. Animal attacks sort of color a lot of my memories there. It saddens me that none of them are on camera to share with you. You'll just have to take my word for them!

It was a sweltering evening in New Delhi and we were walking from our hotel to a Chinese restaurant to pick up take out for dinner. I enjoyed the walk, my skin color was hidden at night and I could stare at people freely without being stared at myself. I peeked at men urinating onto walls and marveled at the ways cars and motorcycles expertly dodged cows and pedestrians. Along the way, I happened to notice a gang of wild pigs gorging on garbage.

In my excitement of seeing so many huge beasts in front of me, I impulsively ran up to them like they were celebrities and wanted their autographs. My "Hey Guys!" did not make the impression I was looking for and they angrily swarmed me and made hellish squeals. I suppose I'm using the word attack loosely in this tale, but my terror was real and the insane wrath in their eyes was genuine as well.

I walked briskly away and was scolded for my thoughtless enthusiasm for the swine. Some risks, like filthy and uncouth demon pigs are not worth it. I stuck to spying on pissing dudes for the rest of the journey.

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A.Marie said...

When I was little, we lived in the country, and my folks had this enormous hog. I just loved that porker! I would feed him crackers and talk to him, but never could understand why my Dad wouldn't let me and my sisters go into the fenced enclosure and play with him. Later on, when I got older, I learned from farmer friends just how dangerous a bunch of hogs can be! Now, I treat all pork with respect! :)

Jessica said...

They are really smart aren't they? And can make great pets, probably from distance though.

Anonymous said...

I've had some crazy animal "attacks" in the past too.
Never by pigs though. We helped my grandparents raise 2 pigs as kids. I loved those porkers. Na

Jessica said...

Na, you need to guest post and then you can have an animal attack story here too!