Monday, June 15, 2009

Your Weekly Horoscope (Colors Edition)

*Allow yourself to be surrounded by a color chosen by me in order to maximize your astrological potential.

Capricorn: (Garnet) Let the warmth of this fiery color protect you.

Aquarius: (Azure) The happy tranquility of this color will inspire you.

Pisces: (Olive) You are feeling a little more than vindictive lately and this color will reflect it.

Aries: (Marmalade) Life is complicated for you right now and this color can distract you from it.

Taurus: (Chartreuse) This color will signify the hope and good faith you feel this week.

Gemini: (Plum) It suits your introspective mood.

Cancer: (Cerulean) Conjure up a little mermaid magic this week.

Leo: (Lavendar) The sublety of this color can mute frazzled nerves.

Virgo: (Salmon) Embrace your natural tendency towards feminity.

Libra: (Lemon) This color emphasizes your innate amiability.

Scorpio: (Carnation) It has mystical healing and rejuvenating properties.

Sagittarius: (Emerald) It will bring you luck for the Mega Millions.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Fiery colors for protection... that's reassuring.

Jessica, please visit my blog today. I have an uplifting story posted, which is out of character with my usual posts, but not so out of character with who I really am.

I'm having a "proud parent" moment that I wanted to share with my blogging friends.

Blessed day to you and thanks again for your fun, quirky blog. I love coming here.


Jessica said...

Thanks for your kind comments, as always. I'm going to swing by your blog now!