Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bad Technotronic Mojo

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We seem to be living under a cloud of bad technological luck this summer. I wonder if it all started because our air conditioner hates us? We decided to go AC free this summer to reduce electric bills. Unfortunately, we have no AC, but the bills are the same as last year because rates doubled. Thanks so much electric company!

I figured that since our air conditioner can hear all the other air conditioners in the neighborhood buzzing away, he must feel angry and rejected so he took some cursed electric vibes and spread it throughout our house. Examples are as following:

1. Internet Explorer 8: Earlier this summer, I was doing the recommended updates for my laptop and it said to install IE8. I did so and then realized many websites are not compatible with it. The way that it is installed makes it nearly impossible to remove. There is a setting for site compatibility, but it doesn't always work and often aborts sites or loads them badly. I know I can just install a different browser and I tried, but I have only used IE in the last 10 years that I've been using the Internet and don't like other browsers.

2. Two Dead DVD Players: Two DVD players died on us in the same week. One of them got a library DVD stuck in it during its death throes that required us to open it up and remove. The other one was just loud and weird and wouldn't start. We are now discovering the forgotten joys of VHS. I sort of wish I had my old Beta machine so I could watch Adventures in Babysitting again. I'm sure our AC is saying "don't fuck with the air conditioner" as I type this. Whatever, dude!

3. Nightmare Satellite Receiver: We've had serious issues with our satellite receivers and remotes in the past. They die, they freeze, they won't show the right picture. I think we've replaced remotes twice and this week, we had to get 3 new receivers in the past year. Our DVR just gave up. This is truly upsetting to me because I hate live TV. I hate commercials and I'm spoiled. I'm not too good with technology, but I can work a DVR. My husband makes fun of me for all the crappy reality shows I load it with, but we all have to have our vices right?

We got a new receiver right away, but when activating and installing it, it will only play for one TV. It is supposed to be dual meaning that you can watch two different programs on two different TV. Something is wrong inside that won't let us disable this shared view. We spent hours on the phone yesterday only to have them tell us someone will come out between the hours of 12 am to 10:30 pm and that they want to charge us. After some irate conversation, they will be charging us and then crediting us, but I'm sure they'll be showing up when the sun sets on the third day.

So in conclusion; it's hot, our satellite company sucks, my browser sucks, but I still managed to watch Big Brother online (my post title reflects the latest episode). I will have to have some words with the AC and I'll be camping out waiting for some dude to fix the TV.


A.Marie said...

Wow! You haven't turned on the AC and your bill is higher?? UGH.......

I also did the recommended update to IE8 and I HATE it! I don't know what happened, but it turned my computer into a creature from you-know-where. All I get, all day long, is "Operation Aborted..ding...Operation Aborted!" It is enough to drive even me crazy! :}

I like the idea of blaming things on the rejected AC unit...FUNNY! :)_

Anonymous said...

I think that the only reason we are not cursed is that we disposed of the dreaded cooling machine (swamp cooler) before it could take its revenge out on us. Na

Jessica said...

A.Marie, our bill is the exact same as it was last year when we were using the A.C. The electric rates have doubled so if we did use AC, the bill would be double what we are paying now which is the same as last year. Confusing?

I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling with IE8. I hope it sets itself right soon.

Na, I thought your swamp cooler was an awesome creature. I was wanting one myself when you talked about it. It's so nightmarishly hot today too.