Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Silver HBO Lining

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Last week we had some issues with technology in our house. The most frustrating was with our satellite receiver. The DVR died for the 3rd time and the replacement couldn't seem to connect to dual mode so that we could watch different programs on different TVs. We spent a couple of hours trying to have someone help us fix the latest issue, but you could tell they were reading from a book and panicking. They offered to send someone out with a $50 fee. After some angry words, they decided to charge us and then credit us. As a consolation prize, technical support offered us 3 months free of HBO/Showtime.

I asked my husband if he wanted it. He said "No, we don't need it". My mind started thinking hard about all those TV shows I'd heard of like Big Love and Weeds and I decided that yes, I did need it. So when G stepped out of the room, I whispered furtively to the lady that we would take the offer. No one would have to know about it, I could cancel before the 3 months were up after I glutted myself on all those interesting new shows.

The repairman actually came on time and took him all of two minutes to fix our TV issues. He told me the people on the phone were "morons" and gave me a number to reach him if we had any other problems. The TV crisis was over and I could go back to DVRing my shitty shows once again. Seems like an ending to the story right? But there is more...

Mr. "I don't need HBO" somehow found the channels on his own and has been watching them nonstop since Friday. He watches movies he's seen before, movies he told me not to get from Blockbuster because they were stupid, and last night, he was riveted by a documentary on prom. It was about a recently integrated prom in Mississippi and he really seemed to enjoy it. My husband was not raised in America so he doesn't know very much about this rite of passage, but he liked seeing everyone dressing up, leaving their trailers, and riding in giant limos to prom. The movie was giving me flashbacks to my own adolescence, not really the prom, just trailers and accents. I still don't understand the appeal of it for G, but without the magic of HBO, he would have been missing this in his life.

The end. It's time for me to check out my recorded True Blood.


Callista said...

true blood is my guilty pleasure.... have you read the books?

Helene said...

I called last month to cancel my cable as it went up way too much. Magically they found a package deal for $30 less with free HBO. But I pay for cable only because it is cheaper than paying for daycare and it keeps my son happy. He is my grandson's "nanny." $45 a mo is a lot cheaper than daycare.

Anonymous said...

My husband loves all of the documentaries. It just isn't my thing. Give me Sci-fi and I'm in heaven! It's funny how he didn't want it and now you can't get him from the tv. Just think of it as free babysitting for the hubby!

Jessica said...

Callista, yes I have read the books! I like them alot. After seeing the show, it's a lot more raw than the books. A little shocking actually.

Helene, thanks for the laugh. TV is a great, cheap nanny.

SonyaAnn, sometimes it is nice to have a nanny for the husband too.

Anonymous said...

I love Curb Your... and for some reason Entourage on HBO. I am so glad that I only have Netflix or I would be right there w/ G watching the prom documentaries. Na