Thursday, July 30, 2009

Toy Frenzy (part 2)

Supermarket Sweep Pictures, Images and Photos
The Target 75% off toy sale has started here so I'm posting this very quickly in between runs. It really is a frenzy. I dropped my son off at his bus for camp and we hit the store right before it opened. There were many eager moms waiting there at the doors with me.

This is my 3rd time participating in this sale and the excitement is tantamount to the old game show Supermarket Sweep. I'm not sure if anyone ever watched that, but my sister and I used to love it. People would race around the stores to fill their carts with the most expensive items in the store like giant hams and turkeys and then run back when time was up to see if their total was the highest. This Target sale is similar with the rushing about, but you're actually trying to find the cheapest items. In some cases, it's just any items. People often have multiple carts and will clear whole shelves in the blink of an eye. It's similar to a plague of locusts and I was just scurrying along to snatch my share.

There are two types that shop. The moms/grandparents and the Ebayers/flea marketers. I like seeing the moms/grandparents get the great deals, but am not always happy with the resellers. I know that everyone has to make a living, but if you stay at home with your child, your budget is often tight and many moms end up very disappointed if they are maybe 10 minutes late to the sale.

I brought my daughter with me and she's an old pro at this sale. She'll sit happily in the cart with a bribe of Goldfish and the chance to play with some of those toys while waiting.

Now that I have two children to shop for, it's great that I spend less than $100 and get enough to cover this Christmas and Easter and maybe even a little for their next July birthdays. I love the sale. I love the excitement. I love racing my cart around the store and being among other thrilled shoppers. Once nap time is over, we're out the door again!


Anonymous said...

did you get some good deals? Na

Anonymous said...

Good job and I loved super market sweep!
And I have two favors to ask. I'm a shit! How do you add a pole to a post? And could you copy your HTML code for your subscribe box. I have been trying to add an actual box that you can enter your email in to and can't. I obviously suck. Sorry!

Jessica said...

Na, way too many good deals. I think I'm set for the next two years of holidays. Make sure I don't hit the sale in Jan., OK?

SonyaAnn I use this site Poll Daddy for polls and after you create the poll, it gives you a code you can add to your post. I do my email thing with Feed Burner. It's not letting me put in the HTML code in this box. If you go to Google Feed Burner, it will give you the code there, i think under the publicize options.

Anonymous said...

Thank you and I'm sorry I'm a pain in the arse!