Saturday, July 4, 2009

When Robots Move In and Somewhat Attack

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For Mother's Day, my husband tried to convince me that he was going to get one of those Roomba vacuum robots. Not only am I already vacuuming robot, but it's also a horrible waste of money and a lousy gift. Unfortunately, G could not get the idea of that electronic creature out of his head and so it arrived practically gift wrapped on our doorstep yesterday.

My husband and son took it out of the box reverently and were itching to use it, but the thing needed to be charged. They put it on it's loading dock and went out for the day. Not caring much about new, expensive toys, I promptly forgot about it. My daughter woke up from her nap and happened to see it and being a curious toddler, pushed the button. Suddenly I hear some very strange noises coming from the kitchen corner and then my baby girl shrieking "Me no like Robot!" The Roomba was on the move and it was following after her. I watched it spin around and bump into the table repeatedly while my kid was clinging to me. It looked like a weird, demented crab. I finally managed to push the button on top to get it to stop. I put it back on that loading dock and left it alone for the day.

When the boys came back, it was all about the new robot. My daughter lost her fear of it when she saw how much her brother loved having it smash into his legs and make its R2D2 noises. We actually went outside and could hear it still working from the open windows. We're calling it Eve because my daughter is obsessed with Wall-e. (When I say obsessed, I mean it. She has to wear her Wall-e shirt all the time and watch Down To Earth on YouTube endlessly. She'd be watching it now if she were awake.)

I still don't think that thing is necessary, but men occasionally need expensive electronic toys and it costs less than the Dyson my husband decided we had to have after the birth of my son. I don't like futuristic things and/or technology, but it looks like Eve is here to stay. Good times.

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