Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Poultry Possiblities

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My husband doesn't go to the grocery store very often, but when he does, he often brings home things that are new or interesting to him. One time he brought a giant box of White Castle burgers home because they were little and easy to make. He had planned to take them to work. I guess he forgot that he doesn't really eat beef so that big idea fell through. It was amusing to see his excitement over those little burgers, but I ended up having them for my own lunches.

Another time, G said he discovered a new chicken. He said it was "Thai chicken" and only cost $2! He said that we could just cook with this now since it's cheaper than the usual breast we buy. I went over and looked at the package and it was thigh meat. I had forgotten that he doesn't always pronounce the "t-h" sound so I was thinking we were going to be eating some kind of Bangkok special for the rest of our lives. I told him it was dark meat and that he doesn't like it. Of course, being as stubborn as me, he insisted on making it, trying it, and pronouncing it gross and smelly.

This weekend was another adventure in poultry. G likes to get a skinned and cut up whole chicken to make into curry. We will usually go to a butcher to get the meat how he likes it. Apparently in the last few months, both butchers closed and so G was driving aimlessly around feeling sad about not having his deconstructed chicken. I told him to just go to the grocery store and get a chicken to do it himself. He comes home with a Cornish Game hen and some excitement about how tiny and cute it is. It took him a good 30 minutes to de-skin and take that thing apart, but he seemed proud. The hen has become his new best friend; magic meat for his curry.


Drowsey Monkey said...

LOL - so much for that Bangkok special...haha

Jessica said...

Yeah, I am glad for that! Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I recall the burgers(I love sending you Q's for them if you hadn't noticed) and the THIGH meat. Now the corish game hen just cracked me up! Na