Thursday, August 6, 2009

Quarter Year Blog Crisis

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I've been writing this blog for about 4 months and when I started, I wasn't sure exactly what I was doing. I guess I was just writing weird stories and sowing those writer's oats that most people get at least once in their life. I'm not really a writer at all. I love words. I love to read. But I realize that I'm just not tenacious and I don't have that magical quality to my writing that makes a blog exponentially explode. It's a little bit of a downer.

It seems that there are two directions for a blog; gradual death or instant popularity. Maybe there are some that are in between, but in my blog lurking, I haven't seen much of it. I'm sure that doubts like mine creep into every blogger's mind. Do you keep writing even if you are unsure of yourself and your content or do you just throw in the towel and shrug that you gave it a half assed shot.

As much as I love writing about drunken Uncle Earl, animal attacks, and thievin', I'm sure the niche for those kind of stories is very minute. My friends and family that read this blog will certainly still hear those stories from me because they are just part of my conversational makeup, but is it necessary to write them for a public that doesn't read it? I only wrote for personal satisfaction, never monetary gain so I just have to decide if am I embarrassing or satisfying myself.


A.Marie said...

Since I found your blog, you have increased in followers, and a lot of us enjoy your blog. I absolutely love your White Trash recipes (I look forward to them), and your animal stories are hilarious. I can't imagine bloggy world without you.

Yeah, I have read blogs that are widely popular and have phenomenal (did I spell that right?)growth, but I have also read AWESOME blogs that maybe receive one or two comments per week. But, as long as the person writing the blog is enjoying it, I don't think that it matters how popular it is. Does that make sense??

I don't think that you should "throw in the towel" just yet. You definitely have a gift and I think that more people read your blog than you know. This is a busy time of year, and people read and go on their way, and don't always leave a comment (yours truly included!).

I have tried and tried to get enough credits to advertise on your blog, through Entrecard, and you are VERY POPULAR, because I need about a gazillion ECs in order to advertise, and I don't have enough! That is a sign of POPULARITY, my bloggy friend! :)

And, of course you are embarrassing yourself; don't we all at some point in our blog adventures! :):) LOL

Frances said...

Jessica, you have to decide if it is enjoyable for YOU. I love reading your blog and think you DO have a knack for writing. But only do it if you enjoy it.

I read a lot of popular blogs, too. I don't have one. LOL! I have some friends that read and follow...all of whom I met though I blog because it is fun.

If it weren't fun, I wouldn't do it. So, whatever you decide, know that some of us love your blog and will miss you if you stop.

Daisy said...

As long as you enjoy it, I think you should keep it up! My blog started out very small and just slowly grew over time. Mine is not a "big" blog, but I love my loyal readers. If you're interested in growing your blog, it usually takes a lot of SEO work.

Patrick said...

I think Daisy's right; blogging is a quarter content and three-quarters promotion. After that, it's patience and perseverance. My own blog only got a bump in traffic about 6 months in (it's 7 months old now), and currently there's an inexplicable slump (which will certainly be followed at some point by an inexplicable jump).
Besides, the best thing you can do is write what you know about, in your own voice. That's what I think, anyway. It's genuine, honest, and usually entertaining.

As long as you're aware that you're writing for an audience that doesn't know your personal situation (take time to explain), you're all set!

About the niche thing, well, I write --
that's pretty niche-y. But to me, that's where blogs shine; they cover the niche, local topics that newspapers and magazine couldn't possibly cover. They cross the line between being a diary, a source of information, and a source of entertainment.
I've seen some awful blogs out there with visitor numbers that I just couldn't explain ... until I saw what was happening behind the scenes. The one correlation I found was: age.

In all cases, the blogs had been around for a while (more than a year). They had a high Google ranking (which takes into account the age of a domain), which in turn made them more visible, and so more popular. In my own case, I've also noticed that I receive Google search hits on some really unusual search terms just because I had happened to mention them in my posts (try "perspirex toronto" -- I'm on the first page of results!)

Stay niche and keep writing. The fact that people have bothered to comment means you're doing the right thing!

Anonymous said...

Do what makes you happy, If you are only blogging for fame and fortune, well, good luck with that. if you are blogging because you feel compelled to write, then keep the blog and keep writing.

Jessica said...

A.Marie, thanks for your kind words. They always mean so much to me!

Frances, I'm glad you always stop by here!

Daisy, I consider your blog hugely successful! My cat post was an homage to your blog in its own twisted way.

Patrick, thanks for all the advice. Your blog is very interesting and well done.

Grace, thanks for your comment. I'm not really after fame or fortune. I'm just trying to decide if its still fun for me.