Friday, August 28, 2009

White Trash Recipe of the Week

ice cream soup! Pictures, Images and Photos

Ice Cream Soup

*This dish is best made a buffet bar ice cream station because it involves less prep and no clean up.

1 scoop of ice cream
Hot Fudge sauce
Pineapple sauce
Strawberry sauce
Chopped nuts
Caramel sauce
Butterscotch sauce
Whipped cream
Sprinkles, various candies, cookie crumbs (*optional)

Put ice cream in bowl and then load bowl with all other ingredients. Stir the mixture over and over again until a thick soup consistency.


A.Marie said...

You are my HERO! Do you know that?! I can now tell my teen daughter there there is an ACTUAL RECIPE for this! LOL

I love to use caramel or butterscotch sauce and very soft ice cream....oh yummy....

Are you sure that we aren't long-lost sisters, cousins, or something?? We seem to like the same things! HA!

YAY for White Trash Recipes on Friday!! They make my day! :) said...

Hello i'm rose
thanks..nice blog...
keep update im still waiting and drop EC
miss U
Aceh Barat

FishHawk said...

It is good to know that we are starting to get some respect for our efforts to contribute to the culture of this country. THANK YOU!!! Hey, what may be white trash to some is a treasure to others!

Ratty said...

I do something similar but with much fewer ingredients. I add milk to vanilla ice cream, and then stir until it's soft. The combination forms crunchy little ice crystals. It's great that way.

Jessica said...

A.Marie, we should get together and have meals! We must be family somewhere. So many people go for trendy and fancy dishes these days, but I like what I know.

Aceh, thanks for dropping by!

Fish Hawk, it is a great cuisine.

Ratty, simple is good. It's something you can do at home, but buffet bars let you really load up.