Saturday, September 26, 2009

Consignment Insanity

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Twice a year, my town has a consignment sale held at the fire department hall. I usually check it out, never knowing when I might find a hidden deal. I got there pretty early, but there was already a line around the block. Every time I've been to this sale, I've never had to wait in a line. I was a little worried because my spirited girl does not do well in a line. Luckily, there were toddlers in front and behind me to keep her amused. I was still considering if waiting in this line was worth it. Are people queuing up expecting to find ingots of gold in those boxes and on those tables? They would let in small groups as people left. When people left, they were hauling giant bags of toys and clothing. It was like the Apocalypse was coming and they had to fight it with used onesies. Two women behind me were in a panic and one said "There won't be anything left for us!" I could feel their horror moving through the line. I was immune to it, we have multiple thrift stores in the area, there are always racks of wash worn tee shirts somewhere.

Once I got in, it looked like Disneyland in the height of summer. The racks were being stripped bare and people were pushing and shoving their way into the thick of it. One frau looked like she would cut me if I even considered touching an Old Navy holiday tee. I wanted to tell this lady that there was nothing to worry about, I buy my holiday tees new when they are on 75% off clearance. Her shirt was safe.

If you've read this blog long enough, you should already know that I mostly hate people. I also hate having my personal space invaded. The crowds at this sale was bringing my annoyance level to its maximum. I had to keep my mouth shut tightly so I didn't say "it's a clusterfuck in here". It was just the one coherent thought I had in all the chaotic used clothing madness. I had a pair of $2 uniform pants for my son and a pair of $1 sparkly PJs for my daughter and I still wasn't sure it was worth it. I decided just to buy them and book it.

Unfortunately the line was wrapped all around the warehouse! If I had seen that before I came in, I would have never bothered to be part of those elbow brawls in racks. Every single person in that line had the standard huge Apocalypse blue bag of crap clothing. Since it is consignment, they have to write down every item sold and which person it belongs to and that takes forever even with a handful of people in line. Every time I've come to this sale, I've been able to get in and out with relative ease. It must be the economy that is driving people to this sale. It's like they've never heard of the Good Will.

I hurriedly put my finds back and hauled ass out of there. It was a good thing I left when I did because I saw the Four Horsemen rushing in behind me. They were looking for footie PJs.


Beth (Margie and Edna's Basement) said...

One has to wonder what the four horsemen wanted with footie PJs, although you were smart not to stick around to find out. ;)

MegaMan The Madman said...

I sell books on-line through Amazon and go to many book-sales and Library sales..I understand the turmoil..and I like you hate to have my personal space even remotely violated..If I didn't love books so much I wouldn't make the sacrifice...

Buggys said...

Wow, really a good barometer of the times we are in. What a frightening sight that must have been! Glad you made it out with the clothes on your back.

Anonymous said...

I would have been right there w/ you shagging a** out of that place mumbling bad things under my breath. Na

Jessica said...

Beth, those horse have lots of feet, maybe they are worrying about keeping them warm?

MegaMan, I went to a library sale once and it was very much like that. Luckily, I was in the record section and no one bothers with records anymore so I had plenty of space.

Buggys, it was scary. Your comment makes me wonder if maybe some of the ladies were eyeing the clothing on my daughter's back! She was wearing some nice Gymboree.

Na, next time I will fly you out and bring you!

A.Marie said...

This post was hysterical!

It reminds me of the sale last week that we had at the thrift store where I volunteer. We are only open one week (for customers) a month, and the day we opened, I had people following me in the door. They attacked those tables like a starving man at a buffet....It was incredible! In 6 hours, we did almost $600.00. Keep in mind that everything is only .99 or .49; I was totally exhausted when my shift was over!

It reminds me of that saying, "they came, they saw, they destroyed!"

HAHA! :)