Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Potent Potables

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The Spa is Still Open
My daughter still continues to try and sneak toothpaste for her hair and face any chance she gets. She's taken to stealing my husband's full loaded toothbrush that he leaves on the toliet top when he's in the shower. She also managed to find some shimmering Chapstick and made up her face with it. Her face was iridescent when I found her and smelling of coconut. I'm not sure when this mania for beauty treaments will end, but it seems like nothing is safe from her experimenting hands.

Another Battle Won
After a week of having nothing shipped out from my Blockbuster queue and two fruitless emails, I decided to call. I was told that they are upgrading their shipping process to be much faster and that this is affecting everyone. I'm not sure why shipping has to completely stop for them to upgrade their system, but I managed to get a $10 credit applied to my next bill and magically, two movies shipped out of my queue. I also used my free coupon to finish off Season 1 of Big Love, so things are looking brighter.

End of Summer Garden Review
My tomato plant, Leroy, now looks petrified, but still staying in my flower bed. He's like an all knowing stone statue. I plan to keep him there through winter with my gnome. My rose volunteer, JFK Jr., is climbing up my box window. We won't have any blooms this year, but I am glad I don't have to worry about finding something for him to climb on. My son planted an orange seed about a month ago and now it's a nice little sproutling right in my marigold bed. All the neighborhood kids check on it daily.

Expert Dentistry
Tonight, my son decided to shove the antenna wire of his remote control car deep into his teeth. It wasn't even the straight part, but the curly end. He had double the wire in there. I had a moment of panic not being able to get it out. I was thinking I'd have to take him to an after hour clinic with it just hanging out of his mouth. I frantically called my husband and he suggested putting some soap in there to "get things moving". I decided to blast some spray oil in there and then MacGyver it out with a toothpick. Luckily that worked and the crisis was solved.

Soymilk Surprise
At the grocery store this afternoon, I reached for a carton of soymilk. I didn't realize that someone had already decided to open the top and me grabbing it turned into an experience not unlike Splash Mountain. I asked my son later why someone would open a carton like that and he said "They were robbers and probably wanted to drink some, but didn't want to waste money on their credit card". I'm glad me repeatedly telling him he can't have something because I don't want to waste money on my debit card has finally sunk in and he can apply it to a real life situation.

Here I Go Again
I'm not ashamed to admit that I blasted some Whitesnake as I rolled through my town this weekend. It was a warm day and my kids were in the car so we decided to have some good times. They are used to Mommy turning it up when Def Leppard or Prince comes on, but Whitesnake was a new treat. I love when I'm stopped at a stoplight and people can't move because their jaws are so far on the ground. Yes, I'm playing crazy loud Hair bands while my kids are in the car and it's fun!


Kelly's Ideas said...

Great post - so many things going on.. I miss my block buster - we never had time to watch them - I want to rent Big love - how did you like it?

Anonymous said...

Love this post! Ah, yes... the days you're in now. It's hard to believe things will ever be anything other than chaos.

You're a resourceful Mom and I bet your kids are characters just like you. Sounds like.

Fun, funny post, as always. Love your attitude. That's how you get through the craziness.


Suzy said...

Blockbuster is shutting down 900 locations, that might have something to do with it. Time to switch to Netflix!

Buggys said...

Yes, what a great post. You licked some a*s at Blockbuster (score for you) and you pulled a Macguyver to save the day! Time well spent you deserve a rest.

Anonymous said...

hooray for finally getting some movies. I'll have you know that I added Big Love to my list since you like it so.
No advice on the Miss A front. I have my hands full with Ian and his wild ways. If we put the two in a room together I bet they could come up w/ all sorts of interesting things.
Yikes about the tooth incident. I would have never thought of cooking spray. That would have worked great when Ian was always getting his legs or feet stuck in the chairs. Next time I have a wierd emergancy I think I may call you for advice. Na

Jessica said...

Kelly, Big Love is a great show, very well done. Makes you think a little bit too.

Ananji, Thanks, you're so kind!
Yeah, laughing is the best way to get through most challenges.

Suzy, I did read an article about them shutting down those stores. It explains a lot. I may end up switching if they close the one store near me.

Buggys, thanks! I do feel pretty kick ass for standing up to BB!

Na, I know you like watching TV shows on DVD, so you'll have to recommend some more to me. I may try Weeds next.