Friday, September 11, 2009

White Trash Recipe of the Week

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Watermelon Slush Surprise
*Inspired by a 15 lb watermelon that no one could bear to eat anymore.

The remains of a 15 lb. watermelon

Take out the melon flesh with an ice cream scooper. Plop it into a blender. Blend it. It may take a little time to get things moving, but you just have to be patient. Pour into cups. If you find stray seeds, just spit them onto the floor for fun.

*Honestly, it tastes really gross, but my kids seemed to love the novelty of it and drank a good bit of it.


Anonymous said...

I'll pass! Na

A.Marie said...

WA-HOO! White Trash Recipes! I must just be kind of a strange person, because this sounds kind of good! It would be watermelon juice, just pulp-i-er! :)

Megaman The Madman said...

In my other life I'm a produce manager..Now I know what to do with all the rotten watermelons we throw away..Its always fun to pitch them against the trash compactor wall takes the stress out..Now we just smash them against a wall with a bucket under to catch the juices and walls...watermelon slush..

Thanks for the recipe..

Buggys said...

Sounds ok but what's the surprise?

Jessica said...

Na, that is the right choice!

A.Marie, It is pulpier. I'm glad you love my recipes.

Megaman, I used to smash watermelons into the street all the time as a kid. It's really fun. When we finished with the one I made the Slush with, I threw it into the woods, smashing it on some trees.

Buggys, The surprise is that it tastes so gross.

Kathryn said...

Ha! Did you ever try to pick up a watermelon seed off the floor? One seed can take five minutes. Summer & watermelon really go together...we've tried buying it in the winter and it tastes like....well, water.

MegaMan the Madman said...

Jessica..Smashing watermelons is next only to smashing pumpkins..

it's a great stress reliever..

Dr Faustroll said...

I've been going to the Grande Market in Cornelius, Oregon, recently, and noted ads with smiling young people eating watermelon coated with chili salt. I tried it. Not bad.

Jessica said...

Kathryn, spitting seeds are fun, but cleaning them up is not!

Megaman, we always have a big pumpkin smash the day after Halloween on our sidewalk. One year, a pumpkin plant sprout from one of the seeds thrown the year before!

Dr. Faustroll, I think they have it like that in India too. They also add chili powder to corn on the cob as well.