Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eat Fresh

To put myself through college, I was a sandwich artist. It's alright to snicker about it, it still makes me laugh nearly 10 years after uttering the words "mayo, mustard, or cheese" on a daily basis. The mall I worked in was dead and it was disappointing because I had always hope for a Fast Times experience. There was a skating rink above the shop so I did get to hear Britney Spears and various boy bands ad nauseum. That was a plus. We also had weird suppliers and there were often pubic hairs in the bread and eyelashes in the cheese. It was a normal minimum wage job.

One monotonous afternoon that couldn't quit playing games with my heart, I noticed a group of guys approaching the counter. I immediately recognized them as the band, Ben Folds Five. My opinion of them had been that they were lame assholes with crappy music, but as soon as I saw them, I went running like my ass was on fire to the back. I told one of my coworkers that I couldn't take their order, they were famous! I am extremely embarrassed to admit it, but I stayed in the back watching on the security monitor alternately silently shrieking and doing some queer kicking dance. I always prided myself on the belief that if I came face to face with anyone famous, I would be cool and aloof and not even acknowledge their celebrity. Here was this B list band and I was going ape shit!

When they left, my coworker came into the back and said "Those were rock stars? They were filthy!" I was teased mercilessly for my dash to the back. That was my one and only brush with fame and hopefully it will stay that way.

They ordered veggie subs if you were wondering.

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Anonymous said...

Funny! I probably would have done the same thing even though I wouldn't admit it!