Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Everyone Needs a Preface

Like most prepubescent girls, I had a diary. I thought I was enormously clever by naming it Tree. I suppose I believed I was paying homage to the tree that gave its life for the pages of my composition notebook or perhaps I didn't have any better ideas. Still, it was a name that stuck and grew into a mystical entity for me. Throughout the years, I often find myself addressing journal scribblings to Tree, so it is only fitting that the name becomes incorporated into my blog. I may no longer write about many of the things that made up my girlhood entries, but the confessing spirit of them still remains. I think of my life in terms of stories; stories I've lived, stories I'm in the midst of, and stories not yet realized. I hope to continue these stories in a new format while forcing myself into a new age. I'm not sure if my online literary sojourn will prove successful, but there is something leafy out there urging me to continue.

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