Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Poorly Constructed Lyric Poem to Napalm

You were such a fine, brave lad,
Enduring the harshest weed killer to be had.

No one will forget all of the promise you showed.
Even in crackly death, your leaves sort of glowed.

I promise you that your life was not lived in vain.
Though it ended tragically and in long, drawn out pain.

I will seek out your murderer and avenge your demise.
For that particular dude, I've planned a spectacular surprise.

Although you may be gone, you will always be missed here.
Your plot remains empty, but it is watered by tears.


Anonymous said...

He will be missed!

Jessica said...

Thanks SonyaAnn, I'm glad I'm not the only mourner!

A.Marie said...

Oh No!! I finally have time to blog, and now I am so sad. My poor little "nephew," may he rest in peace! :(

Jessica said...

Maybe you can adopt another nephew, A.Marie. Leroy, the tomato plant, is looking poorly and could use a kind auntie!

I have a black, black thumb.

JFK Jr. is doing great though, he really likes being behind our satellite dish.

A.Marie said...

Ooooohh...I will be Auntie A.Marie to Leroy AND JFK Jr. give them a big drink of water and a pat on the head from me! :)

I have a thumb that is part black/part green. Sometimes they live, sometimes they die...sigh...

Anonymous said...

Probably the same killer who took out the dandelions.

Your blog is always fun to read.

You have a future in poetry (she says dubiously)...but affectionately.


Jessica said...

Thanks, Ananji! I like reading your blog too, but I'm not very good about what you should say when it comes to poetry. As you can tell, I'm not a poet at all! I enjoy it, but mine is crap.