Sunday, May 3, 2009

When Animals Attack: The Ram

I've had the misfortune to be attacked by a variety of animals in my life. Probably most of it was my fault. I've gone looking for trouble quite a bit in my life. Animal attack stories can be funny though, so I'm willing to share them here.

The Story of the Ram: We lived on the border of Canada in upstate NY when I was a kid for a little while. It was a very rural farm community. I was lucky enough to have my own livestock to care for and I had goats that would follow me like dogs when I went for walks in the woods. We added a large ram to the mix and he was named Billy the Kid, Kid for short. Kid had some very serious aggression issues. I didn't know what caused them, but anytime I went into the pen to feed and water him and the goats, he was on my back like a demented Donkey Kong. I was a spindly 11 year old kid and being assaulted by a maniac sheep was emotionally scarring me! I started to tie him to the fence with a dog leash when I had to go in, but he always had these wild, demon eyes.

We got him sheared in the spring and found out the root of all his anger; he had one testicle. We were told he was fixed when we got him, but someone botched the job. It pretty much explained all of his behavior with me and even our poor female goat. Not too long after, we sold him to another family and they ate him for Easter. Problem solved.


Anonymous said...

Funny story, but I bet he was chewy!

A.Marie said...

I can't help it...I am sitting here just laughing at the story of the Ram. Oh my goodness...poor thing....I'm still trying not to laugh as I type this. You are like SonyaAnn....Funny, funny, funny!! I found your blog via Helene's blog and I'm glad I did! I'll be back to read more later! :)

Jessica said...

Thanks so much A.Marie. I'll be checking out yours too!