Saturday, May 2, 2009

What Your Monopoly Properties Say About You!

I've been addicted to Monopoly since I was six years old. I always have to be the banker and always have to have the horseman. I guess I like it because I am a closet capitalist. I don't have money, but am certainly frugal and if given the chance to have properties, I would become the female Donald Trump. Since I've played this game so many times, I feel close to the properties and think I have the key to unlocking the mystery of why people collect certain monopolies.

Mediterranean and Baltic Avenue: You may be a bit of a curmudgeon. You are a shrewd dealer and often win the game.

Oriental, Vermont, Connecticut Avenue: You enjoy shopping at Costco and buying in bulk. You consider yourself frugal and sensible, but aren't really.

St. Charles Place and States and Virginia Avenue: You are not one to take risks. You are a bit lazy and sloppy.

New York and Tennessee Avenue and St. James Place: You are boring, but you don't know it. You like people to think you are practical and you thrive on routine.

Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois Avenue: You have some spendthrift qualities to you, but you often find great bargains. You always speak plainly.

Marvin Gardens and Ventnor and Atlantic Avenues: You want to be rich and you want to be famous. You can have a jealous nature.

Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Pacific Avenue: You are quite the snob and you like to show off. You will make the perfect Gymboree parent if you aren't already!

Boardwalk and Park Place: You are very stubborn and are annoyingly tenacious. You are also very daring.

Utilities: You are smart and make rational decisions, but do enjoy taking a risk.

The Railroads: You are a selfish asshole and a sore loser!

Of course, all of these are said tongue in cheek, no offense meant. Some tips: don't hang out in jail, it makes you a chicken and stop being obsessed with free parking! Stay tuned for next weeks series on the game Life and as always I've got a shout out for my darling little purple properties and their $50 houses.


Anonymous said...

Great post! And as usual a great read.

Jessica said...

Thanks for your kind comments, they mean a lot to me!

A.Marie said...

Oh No...Boardwalk and Park Place were the spots that I would practically tackle my sisters to the floor to get! I HAD TO HAVE THEM AND OWN THEM!!!And, I am stubborn and tenacious (to a fault!). UHOH...sounds like the game has be all figured out! :)

Jessica said...

I noticed that people are always very serious about Boardwalk/Parkplace and the Railroads. I always liked the cheap ones and the utilities. I still do now that my son is old enough to play with me, I can begin the adventure again!