Friday, May 1, 2009

White Trash Recipe of the Week

Pork N Beans

*Use generic if possible, unless your a couponer, then you probably have a stockpile of name brands!

1 can of baked beans (make sure they have those hideous/tasty pork fat cubes in them)
6 or 7 hot dogs (hooray for nitrates!)
Brown sugar

Open can of beans and pour into pot. Chop the hot dogs into size you prefer and add to pot. Squirt in some mustard and put a good sized handful of brown sugar in the pot too. (Sorry, I'm not much for measuring) Boil until it is cooked, serve in bowls. Bon Appetite!


Anonymous said...

I'm such white trash that I don't use the mustard or brown sugar. That's to fancy for me!

Jessica said...

I guess mustard and sugar add a certain amount of class to it, doesn't it? I'll try better next week! :lol

amouse12 said...

Nothing better than a tall stack of pringles to scoop up the white trash! Who needs to dirty a spoon. My mom also used to make it with hamburger instead of hotdogs. Made for easier pringle scooping.

Anonymous said...

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