Friday, May 15, 2009

White Trash Recipe of the Week

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Hamburg Gravy (yes it is spelled correctly)

*I do not measure and I am not a chef obviously.

1 lb ground hamburger (the fatter the better, more grease)
A few tablespoons of flour for gravy
Instant mashed potatoes
Salt/pepper to taste

Procedure: Brown the hamburger meat and salt to your taste. When you drain the grease, make sure you save it. Start up a batch of instant mashed potatoes. I'm sure the recipe is on the box and I'm too lazy to get a box and rewrite directions.

Now you are going to make gravy from the grease. You probably have your own style. I like to heat up some grease, add a little flour and make that brown. I just keep adding grease/flour/water/a little pepper and stir until I get the consistency correct. I know this is a complicated process, you'll just have to take my word for it.

You should now have gravy, instant mashed potatoes, and cooked ground meat. On a plate, put the mashed potatoes, then the meat, and then the gravy. It should look like a mountain. Hooray, it's done!


A.Marie said...

Oh Yum!! Now I am hungry! My family just loves this for supper. That is what I might make! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Dan River Mama said...

We've had this before. Great recipe! My family would eat a show, if I covered it in gravy LOL
Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Jessica said...

I actually considered making it last night, but chose sloppy joes instead. Who says cheap, easy food can't be tasty?