Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You Load Up, You Party.

Rabbit Tobacco - Mullien lrg Pictures, Images and Photos

As much fun as it is to break into trailers, there are times when it gets a little boring. You want to experiment with altered mental states, but you don't know how and you're willing to try anything.

Rabbit Tobacco: I had heard about this from someone at school. I knew we had it in our backyard; why not try it? My sister and I stole a lighter from the house and got some notebook paper for rolling it. The fringe from the spiral was still on it. We picked some leaves and rolled it into the paper and lit it up. It probably would have helped to know that it's supposed to be dried out first since we were using fresh leaves. We tried to smoke the skank weed, but nothing really happened at all. It was still fun lighting it on fire. Lighting fires in the woods was a hobby of ours so even if we didn't get high, we had that.

Pass Out: This is a game that involves hyperventilation and choking. It's not for the faint of heart. We would stand against a wall and then bend over and start hyperventilating. After we started feeling lightheaded, we'd straighten up and have someone come over and push against our neck until we "passed out". I'm not sure what the attraction is to blacking out, but it passed the time in an interesting way.

Secondhand Pot: I had tennis class in the afternoon and we had to walk along this breezeway to get to the courts. Often kids would be skipping class to smoke out there and just taking a casual stroll and lingering near them would give you a pleasant buzz. Giggling uncontrollably while playing tennis in 90 degree heat is insanely enjoyable. Once my calculus class had an infestation of yellow jackets and we had to go and do our work outside on the benches near those kids and it was the first time I actually liked doing math!

Not having pocket money, we had to find creative ways to have good times. I'm sure there are other failed experiments that I can't remember, but I'm sure all of them were dangerous and foolish.

*Disclaimer: Kids, do not try any of this at home!


Nikola said...

LOL, this post is just too good!!!

A.Marie said...

Jessica! Hi! Thank you for being my follower number 13!!! Yeah!! You are going to be my good luck number! Isn't 13 what they call a Baker's Dozen...12 plus one for good measure! :)

Funny post on the pot...reminds me of when I was a lowly jr. high student waaaaay back in 1976-78. The high school girls used to go into the bathroom, by the front office, and smoke their pot. If any lowly underclass came in, they would basically hold you hostage until they were done. They didn't want anybody telling on them.

Well, dumb me, I didn't realize that I shouldn't use that bathroom, so I wandered in and saw them. They must have decided to take pity on me, because they let me out. So, then super-dumb me, being un-wise about such things, went into the office and commented on this very strange, almost like sweet-fried-chicken smell coming from the bathroom. I never saw people move so fast as those office secretaries. They raided that bathroom and I flew back to the safety of the jr. high hallway!

Jessica said...

I'm glad you like it, Nikola!

A.Marie, that sounds like quite an adventure! I think the teachers knew what was going on with the kids out on the breezeway. My tennis coach would just walk right passed them. I guess they figured it wasn't a big deal and I agree. ;)