Thursday, June 18, 2009

What Your Operation Piece Says About You!

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I know that when you play the game Operation, you're supposed to take out the ailment based on the card you select, but you know you have one piece that you secretly prefer. One piece that gives more of a thrill than any of the others, especially when you extract it with out the scary buzzing. Whether you admit it or not, you're always hoping to get that one card and tweeze out that Funny Bone or Charlie Horse. You don't have to confess to me, but feel free to find out what your piece means in terms of your personality. (I may or may not love Water on the Knee).

Adam's Apple: You like to put yourself in complicated situations without realizing it.

Wishbone: You are very responsible, but somewhat kinky.

Broken Heart: You don't give a shit what people think about you!

Writer's Cramp: You chase aimlessly after windmills.

Spare Ribs: You are seriously boring.

Funny Bone: You are so traditional in your views it can be scary.

Butterflies in Stomach: You follow all the rules, but hate doing it.

Bread Basket: You lack imagination and you don't even want to have one.

Charlie Horse: You live for competition, but have asshole tendencies.

Water on the Knee: You are extremely weird, but most interesting.

Anklebone connected to the Knee Bone: You are horrifyingly stubborn and single minded.

Wrenched Ankle: You like goals that are attainable, you don't reach very high.

Brain Freeze: This is a new piece added to the game, if you choose it, you don't act your age. You need to like the old school pieces and not be ashamed of the past.

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