Saturday, June 6, 2009

When Birthdays Attack

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The only animal in this post is me! I'd like to say I'm going to be a party animal, but I'll probably be more like Eeyore today. I have one more year before I hit a very scary number and I'm trying to jump start that desolation early.

When I was a kid, a birthday was a very emotionally charged day for me. I felt electrified all day. It had nothing to do with present anticipation, it was just like I was being magically changed and the world acknowledged it. The feeling was better than knowing Jake Ryan liked you back. It was better than shocking yourself on an electric fence. It was even better than stealing fizzy lifting drinks and not getting caught!

I don't know when that feeling vanished. I remember still experiencing a high on my 18th birthday until being gifted with rainbow colored condoms in a truck stop bathroom. Maybe prophylactics bring you down and straight into adulthood even when you still secretly want a Barbie Corvette.

I just have to man up like Kate Gosselin and make my own cake. I have to stop hoping that I will do it on a pink cloud and not get herpes. It's not like I'll be flying through times zones on my birthday and miss most of it like one of my regular readers.

I do still find magic in life; there's a werewolf in my woods and two Wild Things in my house. I just have to accpet that my birthday will just revert back to the day Normandy was invaded instead of Jessica's Technicolor Birthday Experience.

This video always cheers me up and is my gift to you. It features animals who have yet to attack me.


Lola said...

Great video, I think I somehow missed that episode of SNL.

Anonymous said...

Happy day to you! I too remember when bdays were magical. Up until kids Chuck and I also celebrated "Birthday Week". That was the best. The past few yrs have been ho-hum. I miss those magical days. Na

Frances said...

Birthdays can be magical forever if you let them. I am 51 now and every birthday is better than the last!

Happy Birthday...a little late. My wish for you is that magic wiggles its way back into your life.