Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Appeased the Air Conditioner

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Our no A.C. pact is in shambles and I'm the one who broke it. I've spent the last 2 months living in an inferno. I couldn't handle it anymore and my only happy time was when I put the A.C. on in the car. I never realized how lethargic heat can make a person. I didn't want to climb the stairs. I didn't want to cook. I didn't want to put away laundry. I didn't even want to rot on the floor! I am a lazy person by nature, but I became almost slothlike in my heated misery.

The thermostat has read 87 for about 3 days and after looking up the weather for this week, I decided that I had no choice but to make my demon air conditioner happy. We have the thermostat set for 80 now and those 7 degrees have made a massive difference. I actually put away some laundry happily! I'm sure they'll also be a massive difference in our bill next month, but maybe if I put in some Google AdSense Ads, the 10 cents I could stand to make will really help out.

I believe that this current heat wave was just another evil plot designed by my air conditioner. I also blame him for the glass situation in my foot and a recent nasty sunburn. Now that I've appeased him, will my luck change? It seems impossible that I could not sweat excessively and have good technotronic mojo, but there is magic in the world. You just have to break your word and pay for it.


Anonymous said...

your ac must be happy with you now! Na

Frances said...

You held out longer than I ever could. And you still set the temp higher than I do! We use the A/C year round....I'm in Texas....and I don't care what it costs. I save money everywhere else so that I can be cool at home.

Jessica said...

I hope so, Na!

Frances, it is still high. I know our neighbors have their AC set to like 55. And the bills our nuts.

We lost power the day after we turned on the AC and I wonder if us using it too caused everything to collapse in our neighborhood!