Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Many Incarnations of Leroy Johnson


That is a picture of my tomato plant, Leroy, that I purchased and planted in April. There was a lot of excitement centered around this dude. My son and I were anticipating lots of healthy tomatoes and being farmers. Unfortunately, this happened....

His leaves yellowed and started to shrivel up. The center stalk stayed healthy and green so I made a quick decision to amputate his limbs and see what happened. I didn't want another Napalm.

Here is Mr. Leroy Johnson today! Tiny little leaves have sprouted in new places. I'm thinking that he will probably stay small and sterile. I'm sad about no tomato babies, but he's alive. I feel like a successful Civil War surgeon even if I'm an inadequate farmer.


Frances said...

Congrats!! You never know, he might surprise you with some tomato babies!

Jessica said...

Thanks, Frances. Maybe he will, but he's stayed the same size for a couple of weeks now so it's worrying.

Anonymous said...

hooray! Na