Thursday, July 23, 2009

Potent Potables

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Because You Love My Cat
I caught my daughter kicking the cat today and calling her "Stupid Sweetie". She got in serious trouble because we don't ever hurt animals. I think she was trying to make up for all the times Sweetie has boxed her in the face and scalp. They have a serious love/hate relationship. The hate mostly being from the cat and the occasionally love when A. tries to pick up the cat and kiss her on the mouth. The "stupid" is my fault. I've been trying hard to not to say dickhead and motherfucker in the car lately so I figured stupid was a good compromise. Guess not.

Nearly dead again. I plan to leave him there so I can reenact Weekend At Bernie's in Chickie's Garden.

Rude Comments
I ran some errands this morning and the clouds decided to explode. My umbrella collapsed in the parking lot and my daughter and I got soaked. I heard these employees maybe 10 feet in front of me talking about how "Idiots go out in the rain. There's nothing you need that bad." Well, I do need to stalk the toy aisle that bad and it wasn't like it was a hurricane. It's a little rain, we won't melt. I was kind today and didn't flip them off.

New Accessories
My son has decided to wear one biking glove on his hand when he goes to camp. The kids have gone nuts about Michael Jackson, singing songs, wearing gloves, and talking about him. Very strange seeing as they were all born in this millennium.

My daughter insists on wearing Halloween knee socks everywhere. I wish I could wear knee socks.

Quote of the Week
~I'm going to eat cottage cheese until I die from it. (Buddy Lee)


Angel said...

Hilarious! You made me laugh out loud this morning.
Thank you:-D

A.Marie said...

FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY!! I love your posts; you are definitely one-of-a-kind! :)

I love your quote of the week! LOL

Jessica said...

Hey Angel. Thanks for stopping by!

A.Marie, so nice of you to say. I like thinking I'm one of a kind as opposed to just really weird.