Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Sixth Year

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My oldest is turning six today. When he was born, he was very curious and alert. I constantly had to stand or sit him on my lap so that he could see the world. His head control was mastered very early and his eyes were as a wide as the Buddy Lee Jeans doll. He's still just as curious now only very mobile and capable of acting on that curiosity. I often find him climbing up on counters to find new things or rifling through drawers for hidden treasures. He knows where I keep his gift stash, but never insists on having the toys. You can't hide anything from him, talk in code, or spell out words to try and avoid having him know about something. He's shrewd and clever and always listening.

He's my engineer. He makes elaborate spaceships out of Legos and deluxe palaces out of Lincoln Logs.

He's a social butterfly. He'll frequently approach a group of older boys and say "Hey guys! What are you doing?" He loves attention and he loves to perform.

He loves stories and I try to give him G rated versions of my adventures in Georgia. He loves listening to my records, especially the Synchronicity album. We often play computer games together. He loves role playing ones with fighting and buying armor and now that he can read, they are even more enjoyable to him.

Our relationship is not always easy. He's intensely extroverted and I'm intensely introverted. His energy level is high and mine is low. He bores easily and looks to me to keep him happy. He's quick to anger, but quick to forget it. He has passion and fire, both of which I lack, but admire greatly in him. His mind is like mine, but his temperament is like his father's.

I hope that this year brings him excitement, friendship, and a better ability to handle his emotions. I hope that this year brings more patience and understanding for me and the wisdom to guide him into a flourishing middle childhood.

He is still my Buddy Lee doll, but he's starting to explore the world without his mother always holding his hand. I wish for his adventures to keep him filled with knowledge, courage, and hope.


A.Marie said...


I hope he has a wonderful year! :)

Jessica said...

Thanks A.Marie. We had a fun family day at Six Flags.