Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fun Highway Sights

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I hope to keep a running list of all the interesting drivers that I see on the highway. I only have two, but now that there is a post for them, more will follow. (Murphy's Law and/or The Secret)

Erotic Truck Art
One day my husband and I were traveling somewhere and we happened to notice a truck a little ahead driving quite erratically. G decided since he was driving so weird, it would just be better to pass him and put a huge distance between us. As we approached, I noticed that the license plate read STROKR. As we got further ahead, we saw that he had some naked ladies doing interesting things painted on the side of his car. That was a good laugh. He still continued to drive crazy, but we left him far behind. Maybe he was stroking while driving?

Happy Hour
On Sunday, I happened to noticed a motorcyclist ahead of me doing some crazy maneuvers. Weaving, braking, moving his hand in an odd way. Luckily, he was not a strokr, just a guy wanting a beer. He was trying to drive and open up a can of Miller at the same time. Unfortunately it sprayed all over his face, terrifying him so he did some major swerving and then tossed to beer can to the side of the road. The can flew all over the highway, but luckily not on my side. I think it was about 2 in the afternoon.


Anonymous said...

both interesting highway sightings. Have you ever seen people reading books while driving? Na

A.Marie said...

HA! I had a good laugh about this post! After being in Chicago over the weekend, we saw some pretty interesting lunatics on the road! No Erotic Truck Art, but did see some very strange driving that I believe was definitely Happy Hour Driving! :)

Jessica said...

Na, I haven't seen people reading books, but I have seen them with newspapers. They just spread them all out over the steering wheel.

A.Marie, It's good to see you. Happy hour driving is always fun!

Kelly's Ideas said...

That is Funny!


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