Monday, August 17, 2009

Your Weekly Horoscope

*I will be using Cross Creek, a little read gem by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings to help divine your fortune this week. I will randomly place a finger on a line and it is up to you to apply it to your own life.

Capricorn: She is always a little drunk.

Aquarius: The jessamin waits wisely until the frost is over.

Pisces: A powerful young buck begins a song.

Aries: We used the gasoline and forgot to read the papers.

Taurus: Why does a hard-shelled cooter lay a soft-shelled egg?

Gemini: Nothing had ever enraged me like that fried fish.

Cancer: I was more than satisfied with her.

Leo: Now you mass your Scuppernongs the very same day you pick 'em.

Virgo: I dismissed her for I could not trust my temper.

Libra: A person allus gets out of life what he's entitled to.

Scorpio: The sun shone benignly, without virulence.

Sagittarius: The Lord stands high, but He sees low.

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