Monday, September 14, 2009

Your Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn: You will annoy people with your many Facebook status updates.

Aquarius: You will be busy trying to finish work before your deadlines.

Pisces: People will applaud you even when you say cruel things.

Aries: You may have a chance encounter with Charon on the River Styx.

Taurus: Writing has become a big priority for you this week.

Gemini: Mosquitos will ravage your legs.

Cancer: It is an excellent week for picking dandelions.

Leo: You will try and break the rules without getting caught.

Virgo: You are thinking of wearing someone like a scrunchie.

Libra: You will do something even more outrageous than Kanye West.

Scorpio: You will excel in baby wrangling.

Sagittarius: Sleep is your most sought out activity this week.


Lidian said...

Uh oh, I am a Scorpio with no babies to wrangle (and no idea how to wrangle one, even when my kids were little...)

Maybe this applies to one of our cats, who is a lovely big baby? ;)

Jessica said...

It could be any kind of baby, animal or spouse. Any creature that is helpless really!