Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Funny


john said...

Hi Jessica,

no problem, I didnt know that about the music thing. rules rules rules, some of them make no sence at all.

anyway, do you have a badge? I can place it on my blog with the others.

Hey, free advertising, you can beat

let me know. If you dont know how to make one, when I get time i can make one for you. if you
want of course.

Jessica said...

I actually got rid of the music now. I may love it, but I think people may probably loathe it and I have to stop being lazy about putting on my Itunes if I want to hear my favorite songs.

I'll try to do the entrecard thing again, plus make a badge. My plans for today!

Thanks again!

Kelly's Ideas said...

You made me laugh out loud.. funny