Thursday, May 28, 2009

Werewolf Sighting


I had mentioned in a previous post that we have a werewolf/fox living in the woods behind our house. He gorges himself on the scraps of food I compost out there. Last week, I saw him for the first time since he was just a little kit. My husband had made him out to be a creature of mythic proportions and I was dismayed to see him looking quite average. Aside from a bit of extra belly, he looks like a normal fox to me.

My son still does not realize that this particular fox is the creature that has terrorized him into fearing a werewolf in the woods. We're trying hard to keep the magic alive for him, therefore I've named him Jacob Black, on account of the werewolf in Twilight. Buddy Lee did enjoy watching the little fellow with me when he made his cameo appearance. The fox went and relieved himself in a neighbor's flower bed which I thought was neat. Jacob then decided to just keep weaving in and out of trees, peeking at us. I was thinking he was waiting for the bits of food I recycle in his house, but from all the stale Cocoa Puffs I had put out there in the morning, he should have been stuffed.

I am determined to catch a picture of him, because I don't want to disappoint all my awesome readers here. I will keep a camera with me when I'm out in the backyard, like Jacob's own personal papparazzi lurking in the bushes. Until then, the picture above is one Buddy Lee made in school. It's like they do a Blog Jr. every morning about what they've done the previous day. It reads:

Once I saw a fox in the woods. It was yellow. The fox was cute.

That's my boy! Look for his guest posts here in the future. I know he's itching to do the Would You Rather? portion of the blog

I have to admit that I have some doubts about the gender of Jacob. My Scooby Senses indicate a possible "bump watch" going on with that potruding abdomen. Also, he seemed to squat during urination. Maybe later in the summer there will be an entire brood of werewolves coming out to enjoy the hard work of all my composting.


Anonymous said...

I hope you get a picture of your werewolf!

Jessica said...

You'll be one of the first to see it, SonyaAnn!

A.Marie said...

AWWW.....little werewolves...How cute!! :)

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

What a fun story, and very cool report and art work by your son!

I found you thanks to SonyaAnn!

Frances said...

I found you through SonyaAnn and your post is hilarious. Maybe you didn't mean for it to be, but I found it so.

I want a little werewolf! It could play with my cats.

Jessica said...

Hey Frances and Boondock Ma thanks for coming here!

Yeah, I try to make most of my posts funny. I'm glad you like them!