Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Blogging Process

I know that my millions and millions of readers are very curious to know exactly how I work my magic in this blog. I thought I would give the step by step process so that your curiosity is sated.

Step 1: You cut a hole in a box.
Step 2: You put your.... I'm sorry. I guess my blog process is not like D*ck in a Box.

Step 1: (Brainstorming) I often space out when I'm watching the kids so that's a great time to generate new blog ideas. Rotting on the floor is another creative process that I encourage in myself. I sometimes bounce ideas off my sister and have her fill in the gaps of our illicit past.

Step 2: (Writing) I write in the evening in my little spiral notebook. I know it's weird and old school, but I like how using a pen makes you think. I also love looking at my own handwriting. All of my excellent school essays were usually handwritten and then typed up while listening to Dave Matthews.

Step 3: (Blogging) I get up at the ass crack of dawn and sneak downstairs. I type, edit, and look for the requisite images. Hit post and hope I don't regret what I've written too much.

Step 4: (Envying) I look at and read other blogs. Lament that I'm a loser and that my blog is lame. Marvel at how many shitty blogs have loads of followers/ads/comments. Cry me a river. I also check to make sure a certain popular blog is not thievin' my ideas again.

That's about it, the mystical process. I know this blog is a little off and generally makes no sense, but I appreciate every single person that takes the time to click on over here. I like doing it so I'll keep on doing it until I run out of thoughts in my crazy head.


A.Marie said...

You are so funny...If I'm ever feeling a little down, I just bounce over here and leave much happier than when I came...of course, it takes a lot to get me down, and I'm not down right now, but if I ever am, I know where to come! Does that make sense??! LOL :)

Frances said...

LOL! So funny!!

I start the blog process by cutting a hole in a box, then inviting Hubby to help. Oh, wait, that's not blogging either. LOL!

Thanks for the morning giggle!

Anonymous said...

I think "D--k in a Box" is a perfect analogy. Cut a hole in the box, put your junk in that box...

It's not the size of the tool, but how you use it that matters.


Thank you, as always, for your funny, self-deprecating posts. And for clarifying why we do this.


Jessica said...

A.Marie, Thanks so much, you are sweet! You have such a sunny outlook on life that I really can imagine you rarely feel down!

France, that's too funny starting the box process together. ;)

Anandji, Thanks for coming by again and reading. I wish I could do what you do with words and images, you're one of the blogs in my envying process!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! What's wrong with you? That ? is probably the one most used in my presence. We should get matching shirts!